Our Story

Family Owned & Operated – Serving the Valley for 32+ Years

Atomic Janitorial is a family run GREEN CLEANING company now in its 33rd year of operation. Our sole purpose is to satisfy our present and future customer’s cleaning needs. We are committed to using non-toxic earth and people friendly products. To best serve our customers, open communication has been the key to our continued success. Throughout the 33 years of being in the cleaning business, many people have asked me what it is I really do? I have always enjoyed cleaning, putting away things and making peace with my immediate surroundings. With this is an eventual format. I have selected a few and met a few other people who, like me, enjoy cleaning and with luck I hired them.

Consistently my employees stay with the company for extended periods. Presently two of our staff have been with us for twelve years each. Cleaning for all its so-called simplicity is challenging because it’s hard physically and difficult to be consistent. So a bit of science and strategy are needed to create a product that gives results. Whether it lasts depends on who treads upon it!

We have devised efficient procedures using team cleaning and modern equipment to systematically clean our buildings. Our sincere intention is to instill a deep level of personal responsibility in each of our staff. We are a small family run business that does an enormous amount of cleaning in the Napa Valley. We are third generation natives to the valley. We work for all kinds of business owners as well as homeowners. Atomic Janitorial has been at has thrived on a consistent flow of word of mouth referrals.

Being a small business, daily communication with our staff creates an effective level of outcome, however, unlike big corporate companies, profits are less. Even so, we offer co-pay medical insurance, regular raises, and bonuses, believing that employer and employee should not be at either end of the financial extreme. We look forward to meeting new clients no matter what their needs.

green cleaning – 33 years in business!