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Vacuuming or sweeping?

Many services use sweeping as the main source for hard surface cleaning, I have always considered a tank vacuum instead because it’s more versatile. The open end of the tube gets into corners and along the edges of walls better than using the short end of the hose with a crevice tool or round horsehair […]

It all started because of love…

As Atomic Janitorial celebrates 35 year in business I started to reflect on how it all began. I was in love with Wanda Martin, we had met when I took her modern dance class at Napa College in 1983 and we started talking, she was looking for a place to rent and I said I […]

What a holiday season 2017 was…

What a holiday season 2017 was this year, following the tragedy of the Napa Fires and the whole state of California the air quality and ash, soot and debris reached so many surfaces as well as our lungs and eyes. As a proactive measure it would be good to replace all of the air filters […]

Why Clean?

Once again as I expressed in my first blog, organization and cleaning go hand in hand, yesterday my crew cleaned my house. This morning I am relaxed and in a peaceful state of consciousness. Is this because every inch of my house is clean, not really because there’s always going to be something else to […]

What is “Green” cleaning?

Everyone has their own idea of clean and how to achieve an end result. In this introduction to my Atomic Janitorial Facebook page, I will lend my total of thirty-eight years in the cleaning business to those of you interested in this fascinating subject. What is cleaning? Really for me, it’s a trick question, organization […]