It all started because of love…

As Atomic Janitorial celebrates 35 year in business I started to reflect on how it all began.

I was in love with Wanda Martin, we had met when I took her modern dance class at Napa College in 1983 and we started talking, she was looking for a place to rent and I said I had a room in my house in Yountville.

At the time I was working for my friend Tim Bates cleaning the Calistoga Inn and various other establishments around the valley. But as our relationship blossomed and I began to see a possible serious future with Wanda, I decided to take on some of my own clients. Mama Nina’s hired me, and then my friend Tim decided to leave the valley and I was in position to take over his accounts of which I did. The Liberty Theatre, Rose et Le favour,  a five star restaurant, and then I began to get more of my own clients Dansk design, Raymond Vineyards,  Markham Vineyards.

For over 12 years I worked by myself cleaning seven days a week and although I never married Wanda I did commit in full to Atomic Janitorial.

The name Atomic from the 1950’s, my birth year of 56 the Atomic age, pink and black—Elvis favorite colors.

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