Vacuuming or sweeping?

Many services use sweeping as the main source for hard surface cleaning, I have always considered a tank vacuum instead because it’s more versatile.

The open end of the tube gets into corners and along the edges of walls better than using the short end of the hose with a crevice tool or round horsehair brush,  bringing the cleaner into close contact with window sills, shelves, and desks that have dust buildup as well as in construction cleaning.

We use the method of vacuuming with the horsehair brush and then a damp microfiber rag as a dual combination for heavy dusting.

The more powerful upright vacuum is used for most carpeting with the tank vacuum for carpet edges and under desks where cords and wires cannot be sucked into the vacuum. Years ago in my travels in Asia when I was 26 years old I witnessed brooms made of small tree sticks wrapped tightly together. I was amazed that elderly people were sweeping the streets of Singapore and Hong Kong using these, what I thought were primitive tools, upon closer inspection I saw how the stiffness of the Wood scratched the cement jarring everything loose. These were for mostly outside and for more industrial environments.

The age of the workers taught me that no matter your standing in life one must continue to work, to live.

Is cleaning a necessity? Is it valued in the world of technology, construction, science or education? Why do we clean?

How does cleaning or cleanliness pair with the human existence? Not everyone cares to live or work in a clean environment and as buildings and infrastructure run down, keeping surfaces clean becomes even more time consuming. Upgrades to surfaces such as wood floors or painted walls need resurfacing from time to time. However if you rent or even own, what sense of responsibility does a person or persons have to maintain the dwelling that exists around us?

In my 35 years in the cleaning business I have come to except that cleaning is rarely affordable, regularly disregarded and completely misunderstood. What you say?

Explain you might say, tune in next time.

Mr Atomic

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