What is “Green” cleaning?

Everyone has their own idea of clean and how to achieve an end result. In this introduction to my Atomic Janitorial Facebook page, I will lend my total of thirty-eight years in the cleaning business to those of you interested in this fascinating subject.

What is cleaning?

Really for me, it’s a trick question, organization is the secret goal, in order to clean in the most efficient way the room or house or office needs to be organized.

The classic situation is arriving at a new clients building to find them preparing by trying to organize or pre-clean before we can begin our work. Rooms are set in motion around the way we live. I’ve seen so many spaces some balanced many cluttered. Homes and offices designed by architects usually have a balance of furniture to space, however, casual homes often have clutter and wasted space.

Ultimately what we are working towards is positive energy from a clean and organized area, arranged books or magazines on a coffee table, cushions placed nicely on the couch, pictures on the wall horizontal furniture angled inwards for connective interaction. This is a daily feng shui or practical living. We all have our own way of living but I don’t think everyone understands that positive energy comes from a balanced environment.

I have seen many well-organized rooms that upon closer inspection revealed years of dust and neglect. As people of habit, we tend to only use what’s necessary, the bathroom kitchen and TV/computer room and of course our bedrooms.
Over the next few months, I will describe a variety of spaces and the degrees of use or dirt, how to prevent and how to maintain.
Cleaning and it’s importance culturally and historically play out in everyone’s lives from minute to hour day month or year.

I started cleaning restaurants in 1980 for another company and three years later started Atomic Janitorial. I am still learning how to clean not so from the bottom up but more through the experience of all these years. Most importantly I am still learning and this is one of many lessons.

The core to my style is organization, this drives the engine of cleaning. Can you ask yourself if the intention of cleaning your house on your day off is to clean or find the perfect place for all the things you own?

Till next time,

Gavin Smith

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