Why Clean?

Once again as I expressed in my first blog, organization and cleaning go hand in hand, yesterday my crew cleaned my house.

This morning I am relaxed and in a peaceful state of consciousness. Is this because every inch of my house is clean, not really because there’s always going to be something else to do or more too clean. It is more to the point that the house is balanced and settled, things are where I like them, in their place.

As humans, we are in a perpetual state of movement our lives, for the most part, a constant combination of tasks and the repercussions of interacting with others and the physical world. Nothing drives this point home more than watching my ten-year-old son dismantle my home in literally minutes upon his arrival, dropping his backpack sweater, picking up a toy going to the refrigerator taking food into his room etc. Now I could and do follow him around asking and demanding that he pick up after himself ☹️Which seems to fall on deaf ears or and ultimately I succumb to the disarray that comes with living with not one but two Boys!

Can this, does this drive me crazy?

Yes and no, for various reasons it affects that I must yield to our differences in personality as I’m sure many of you do if you have children or roommates. However now I know that at any point in time I can return myself and my environment to a neutral state of being.


Everyone has a different style of how to clean but I like to start off with de-webbing the rooms then proceeding to dust. De-webbing consists of a springy ceiling brush on some kind of pole or ‘ a webster’ For basic dusting we mostly use a microfiber all purpose cleaning rag and ostrich feather duster. The feather duster is not to be relied on as a remover of dust but more as a take flight duster however, for office desks that have barely any open surfaces or wine bottles window sills and other hard to reach areas it suffices I have always believed that picking up dirt and dust with a damp rag then rinsing it down the drain is the the best way to clean.

When I teach my staff about cleaning I usually start out with bringing their attention to the whole perspective, tunnel vision is a difficult habit to break, I like top to bottom cleaning.

The term hotspots is how I see things like the tops of refrigerators, door molding, thermostats, picture frames, high shelves, curtain rods.

These are surfaces often missed because they are invisible to the parallel vision of a person’s view. They are also the variables of cleaning, the not every time, not basic cleaning.

What I teach is that doing these surfaces make us the superior cleaning service.

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